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  1. 1. What are Twitch Drops?

    Twitch Drops are an event where you can get rewards by watching Twitch streams.
    You can participate in the Twitch Drops event by connecting your Twitch account with your UNDECEMBER account.

  2. 2. Which channels do I have to watch to get rewarded?

    Once you have connected your Twitch Drops account, go to the UNDECEMBER category
    and watch any channel that has the "Drops Enabled" tag for a period of time to collect your reward.
    You can see if a channel has Drops enabled above the chat window.

  3. 3. How do I collect Drops rewards?

    You must watch a participating channel to receive Drops rewards.
    Once you have watched a channel for the required amount of time, a notification will be displayed below (or above if you're on mobile) the chat window to collect your Drops.
    Even if you miss the notification, you can collect Drops from the Drops Inventory page during the duration of the campaign.

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